• Firefighting

    Firefighting equipment & materials of the highest quality. Want to know more?

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  • Safety Equipment

    Polmai supplies and servicing a wide range of personal protective equipment

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  • Gasdetection

    Long term gas detection. Reliable, Durable & Comfortable! Let us explain it.

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  • Polmai Firefighting & Safety Equipment

    Polmai Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment is one of the major players in the port of Rotterdam when it comes to high quality services and deliveries in the field of firefighting, rescue and safety equipment.

    Polmai has over more than 47 years’ experience in the provision of inspection, reporting, maintenance & repair for fire and safety systems and equipment for the maritime industry.

    We provide nationwide service and supply of safety equipment for a fire-safe building or ship. The national coverage has become an important factor of our organization.

    We have a team of highly skilled & certified technicans who carry out the best service in fire fighting.

    Customers and partners experience that Polmai delivers under all circumstances and does what it promised.

  • We deliver & maintain:

    • Fire extinguishers
    • Firehose Reels
    • Dry risers in and on buildings
    • Emergency Lights
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Gas-detection systems
    • Inert extinguishing gas
  • Polmai Fire Fighting & Safety equipment has over 60 rides a day!

  • Polmai Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment goes for 100% durability

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Our certificates:

  • ncp

  • reob

  • kiwa

  • vebon