Fire Safety

Polmai Fire & Fire Extinguishing

Are you looking for approved fire protection? Are you looking for a reliable partner with expert knowledge for your fire protection? Someone who can help you in a clear and honest manner with the right materials, specific instructions or appropriate advice? Someone a central point of contact for all parts and where you can have the confidence that your job is in the right hands?

We wish you a warm welcome at Polmai Fire fighting equipment & Safety Equipment.

Polmai Fire Extinguishing & Safety Equipment is a modern fire protection and security company with the objective to support businesses and the maritime sector in a planned preparation for emergencies.

With its own service, full-time professional advisers and instructors are all assignments carried out by our own people. Means, procedures and training are therefore optimally matched by us. This makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Choose Polmai when you’re looking for an organization that assists you in plain language in your fire protection. A party that helps you to do something sensible and necessary and take off work in progress. An organization with business sense, so you can focus with confidence on your other work. Someone who can advise you and also qualified to perform this work for you with high-quality branded products.

Polmai is REOB is certified and used original parts for all brands that you are not at undue risk or dealing with an unexpected and unnecessary rejections.

We are always in your area for the maintenance and installation of fire extinguishers and hose reels, maintenance of the emergency lighting, replenishing aid kits or installing fire alarm systems (in conjunction with a party). Polmai is also active in the maritime sector & shipping and is therefore certified.

Our extensive range

In addition to our extensive range of fire fighting equipment, fire detection and fire suppression systems Polmai is also certified in delivery and application of flame retardants for decoration materials, the so-called fire retardant impregnation of materials such as curtains, artificial plants, Christmas trees, etc.

Modern products

Polmai continuously explores what new products and services can be offered. We will therefore ensure that you constantly have the best resources and equipment available. Our total package is wide and varied. Fire extinguishers to products for emergency response. Among others, we also supply the latest AED equipment. So quickly can be lifesaving act under all circumstances.

Polmai is your reliable partner in safety equipment!

Want to know more? Or what we can do for you? Polmai will be glad to help.